Thursday, April 14, 2011

Two Days Away

The ride times were finally posted for this weekend's horse trial.  Our dressage test starts at 10am.  The menagerie of horse, husband, and audio/visual equipment will leave around six am to give the High Queen plenty of time to adjust and calm down.

T. came yesterday since the prophesied rain didn't fall and the footing was excellent. I hadn't been able to ride with T. in over a year, so it had been awhile since she'd seen Seneca. She saw some fabulous changes in balance and maturity.  We worked through the dressage test and then did a lot of grid work exercises to build the High Queen's confidence and back her off a little from her dive bomber style.

Things went well and I'm hopeful that on Saturday even though the weather for that day is looking really crappy that we'll do well.

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