Monday, April 4, 2011

Rush, Rush, Ride

I wanted to ride at a decent hour this weekend but the weather and my life just weren't having it.  Saturday I had to take Jasper back in to the vet for his weekly, post I-Ate-Something-I-Shouldn't-Have surgery, check up, which turned in to getting a whole lot of errands done including a stop at the feed store to get a different, higher fat feed for the High Queen since coming out of winter and trying to go to a lower starch feed has caused her to lose some weight. And of course when I got home it was on again, off again tag with thunderstorms.  So no riding on Saturday.

Sunday I had to work for a few hours in the middle of the day, early in the morning the footing was too slippery, and so rushing home after work, stopping at the grocery store, finally getting home, and dressed to ride it was nearly 6:30pm, which translates after tacking up in to about half an hour to ride. In which the High Queen was a pain in the butt. It was close to dinner time, never a good time to disturb her majesty, and her pasturemate was in the field across from the riding area stuffing himself on new green grass. Jealousy, and giraffe impressions ensued. So not a bad ride, but not great either.

I have two weeks to get the two of us in shape to debut at Deep Run, we could do it now, it wouldn't be pretty, but we could do it. I am going to try and take some lessons with my trainer over the next two weeks, but it depends on my schedule and her's, and of course the weather.

But I did find, and go walk a xc course that is only an hour away.  It wasn't spectacular, but for introducing a green horse to scarey xc jumps it would fit the bill and it's so close plus for as much rain as we have had the footing was excellent. I'll put up some pictures when I can. Until then, ride hard, jump high, and don't look back.

Jasper aka Croc-o-potomus

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